Hello creative world!



Hello creative world!


Kamila Stankiewicz – that is me! Ilustrator based in Poland. Totally in love in fairy tales! Not only for children…

On desert island I would take a tons of papers, sketchbooks, watercolours and color pencils. I am sure I would still complain for too little time to drawing and painting… and I would miss for my graphic tablet, probably

If you want to know more about me, please visit About section.


A blog – in short. But so much more, I hope!

I wish to create here a space to share my knowledge, experience and passion with all creative people, who will stop by. And with all of those who don’t know they are creative yet.

I want to tell you more about work of illustrator, chasing own dreams and struggle with ordinary life. I hope to spread not only love for art but also a message:

Everything is possible if you work hard toward your dreams!!!

(download free coloring page)

But – remember – work SMART! Sometimes hard is just not enough 😉


Because nothing can give more joy and motivation for further work than spreading ideas, love for drawing and exchange experiences with other creatives. Blog seems to be great tool for this job!

If you have any questions, don’t hasitate!

I will gladly answer and get to know you better!